Criteria to Apply

  • You must be 21 or older to apply.
  • Your product/entry must be on the market or available to the public by Q2 2017. If your entry/nomination is an app, you will be required to provide a free app download code for our judges. If you have a product you must submit a working product. Product submissions must include a completed online application and products should be sent to The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards, 84 Heather Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94118.
  • Apps will be accepted in every category EXCEPT if focused on 1) Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting Content and/or 2) Tracking, Calendar and Registry Tools.
  • Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations regarding babies and screen time, we do not have a category for products including screens that would be used by children under 2. Your product must fit into one of the six categories.
  • While not required, CES attendance is highly recommended.
  • Important note for Medical Device applicant’s: Medical innovations requiring FDA approval in the U.S. (or the equivalent in other countries) should have received such approval before submitting your product for consideration. We will not consider innovations that are still in clinical trials because the eventual outcome of the trials is unknown.
  • Product must have some type of technology component to be a valid entry.

For any additional fine print, please access the legal document here.