Bloomlife Pregnancy Wearable


Bloomlife has designed the first pregnancy wearable for expectant parents that automatically tracks, counts, and times contractions for a validated second opinion. Every pregnancy is unique and each baby is on their own timeline. From early contractions to labor contractions, expecting moms deserve (and desire) better information about their bodies during pregnancy to make more confident decisions. Bloomlife gets to the heart of this by providing:

—-Validation: Bloomlife provides a clinically tested and accurate second opinion showing you your contractions in real-time to help you understand what a contraction feels like.

—-Peace of Mind: Bloomlife helps reassure you with a better understanding of your body. From the comfort of home, you can see changes in contraction patterns and track and time the frequency and duration of them.

—-Connection: Bloomlife provides a way to see and share the experience with your partner, family and care team.

“[Bloomlife] allows the pregnant mom to access clearly and confidently what can be confusing to some women. WHAT is happening in there? In her body she can feel it, with [Bloomlife] she can see it and document it.”— Felicia, birth doula

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