Fever Scout


As a busy parent it’s not easy taking care of a sick child. With Fever Scout parents now have a new tool to monitor their sick loved one. Fever Scout is a soft wearable stick on thermometer that continuously measures temperature and wirelessly sends that information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With Fever Scout parents can rest easy at night knowing that if their child’s fever spikes they will be alerted with a sound alarm and notification on their phone, even when it’s on sleep mode.

To use the device Parents will need to download the app, charge the patch by placing it on the cableless charging dock and then pair it to their smartphone. Once paired parents can place the adhesive on the back of the patch and then place it under the child’s armpit. The soft and flexible patch made of Silicone and polyurethane materials was designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day. No matter where the parent is we wanted to make monitoring temperature more convenient, so the dock was created to double as a Bluetooth extender increasing the range to 130ft. As long as it is within arms reach of the patch parents can still monitor their child’s temperature from any area of the home. If the busy parent needs to run errands and can’t be with their ill child, there’s a built in cloud for remote monitoring so, as long as the babysitter has the app open on their phone parents can have peace of mind when away from their sick child. Through the app parents can also keep a record of fever causes, temperature trends, and effective treatments and share the information with their physician.