Aquaheat Solo Food Warmer


Innobaby, the pioneer of eco-friendly juvenile solutions, is proud to introduce their new Aquaheat Food Warmer.  An award-winning brand that continues to modernize eco-conscious products for a greener planet and healthier kids, Innobaby’s new Aquaheat technology is an innovative addition to its existing line-up of eco-friendly solutions for smart parenting.  Aquaheat Food Warmer is an on-the-go instant food and drink warming solution for today’s busy parents. A simple system conveniently designed to warm bottles and food without the use of batteries or electricity while traveling away from home.  Just add water to activate a WARM or HOT heat pack and in minutes, your baby’s bottle or food is warm and ready to drink or eat.  Food is warmed in a non-toxic, stainless steel container that can also be used as a double boiler to warm any type of baby bottle or food jar or packet.  Eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable heat packs are included in the starter pack and sold separately.