Introducing Gerber’s Newest Arrival….
BabyNes Advanced Nutrition: The Next Generation of Baby Formula

BabyNes is a smart nutrition system that brings a range of six single-serve formula capsules for infants and toddlers during the first years of life. It is a revolutionary baby formula system that marries the best in class formula with a Wi-Fi enabled system to provide a perfectly mixed bottle, at a temperature selected by the user, with no lumps, all at the touch of a button.

Gerber knows that a baby’s food should be perfectly in-sync with their development. Just as the fat, protein and calorie content of breast milk changes naturally, BabyNes formulas evolve to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs from birth to 36 months. The single served formula capsules were created to ensure precise nutrition with the right amount of nutrients and water for each feeding.

– Smart Nutrition: BabyNes formulas are adapted to breast milk composition changes month after month to follow baby’s evolving nutritional needs and to nourish a healthy body and mind.
– Smart Feeding: The BabyNes design allows for optimum convenience and removes worry around hygiene and getting the measurement correct. A filter in each capsule filters out the bacteria from the water and the formula is dissolved completely within the capsule to flow directly into the bottle.
– Smart Services: An upgraded, seamless user experience with a Wi-Fi enabled machine, the BabyNes system syncs with a smartphone to allow users to track baby’s nutrition, replenish capsules automatically or get an alert when a caregiver feeds the baby.