Cognoa‘s app helps every parent find out if their child’s development is on track and access the right care as early as possible. The effectiveness of early intervention has been demonstrated in numerous studies, but many parents lose the most valuable time while waiting up to two years for a diagnosis. With Cognoa, a parent answers simple questions and uploads two short videos of their child’s behavior; Cognoa’s app then determines whether the child is at risk for developmental delay or autism using machine learning algorithms Dr. Dennis Wall developed at Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. Cognoa provides a personalized report parents can share with their doctor that identifies specific areas where the child is doing well in addition to areas where the child might need early or rapid intervention.

Cognoa also provides personalized next steps that integrate on-going monitoring. Cognoa connects members to like-minded parents who have the same developmental goals for their children and offers customized activities recommendations that can help the child’s development.