Connected Home Medical Kit


CliniCloud’s connected medical kit is a comprehensive at-home medical solution for patient-cenetred healthcare. The kit includes a digital stethoscope, a non-contact thermometer, and a mobile app that empowers you to proactively manage your wellness at home.

Users can record basic vital signs including temperature, heart and lung sounds, and then send the readings to a physician of choice or consult a network of on-demand medical professionals. CliniCloud integrates with telehealth services through Doctor on Demand.

The thermometer combines next generation infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity, to take temperature readings instantly and effortlessly — with no skin contact required. This means users don’t need to wake little ones when they’re sound asleep.

The stethoscope records respiratory and cardiovascular sounds with high acoustic fidelity. The recordings are particularly useful for detecting signs of respiratory illness, such as asthma, pneumonia and the common cold. Respiratory conditions are the number one reason for doctor visits in the U.S., and one third of all young children will visit emergency for respiratory conditions.

CliniCloud integrates recordings from the two devices, bringing them together in one app, available on iOS and soon to be available on Android. Readings are stored on either the smartphone or a HIPAA-compliant secure cloud server.

The app guides users through either a quick or full check-up, with intuitive prompts so anyone can use CliniCloud without medical training. The app shows a timeline of health status over time, which includes vitals such as temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, as well as qualitative metrics and notes.

Unique to CliniCloud is the Family Circle which enables collaborative family health management and centralization of a family’s health recordings. Parents can be notified of events and recordings when performed by another member of the family circle which is then synchronized to a shared record.