Due Date Plus and Mi Embarazo


Due Date Plus is a clinical management app for pregnant women, integrated into health plan benefits and resources. It’s configured to promote each client’s branding and programs.
– Available in English and Spanish
– Entreprise grade and HIPAA-compliant
– Triages high-risk issues to care managers
– Tracks health milestones

Our goal is to help with engagement challenges some clinical programs face in maternity. We aim to do this by keeping low-risk women engaged, and identifying high-risk women early in pregnancy in order to provide them with resources to drive action.

Wildflower Health produces mobile health programs that help families better connect to healthcare and help clients adopt behaviors that lower costs and improve quality. The company’s flagship program is Due Date Plus, a smartphone-based maternity program that engages women on mobile devices, identifies high-risk pregnancies, and drives appropriate actions based on health plan benefits, provider resources, and local programs. Due Date Plus is configured for health enterprise clients to reflect their health services and benefits, and is distributed through enterprise channels. The program includes fully HIPAA-compliant data analytics and reporting services, as well as enterprise-level software maintenance and support. Due Date Plus is used by health plan and Medicaid clients nationwide to improve health engagement and clinical outcomes during the prenatal and postnatal period.

To learn more please visit: http://www.wildflowerhealth.com/


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