MedWand Home DOC


MedWand Home DOC

The MedWand is the latest medical technology that turns your home into a Digital Onsite Clinic (DOC).

For use with any computer, tablet, or laptop, the compact MedWand device allows doctors to remotely examine patients in the comfort of their home during telemedicine appointments.

Examinations are in real-time, and parents are guided exactly what to do by their telemedicine doctors. MedWand’s preferred telemedicine partner is Doctor on Demand, but will work with other quality telemedicine providers, as well.

With parents at home with their children, and doctors located remotely, the following can be done with MedWand:

•Listen to lungs for signs of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma
•Listen to the heart for murmurs, abnormal rhythms
•Listen to the abdomen for abnormal sounds such as constipation or obstruction
•Look into ears to differentiate various types of infections
•Look into eyes to differentiate various types of conditions
•Look into the mouth and throat to see fungal infections, tonsils, teeth
•Look at the skin in high-resolution to differentiate various types of rashes
•Check both peripheral and core body temperature to better assess fevers
•Check blood oxygen levels during respiratory conditions
•Check heart rate during fevers and other conditions
•Check respiratory rate during fevers and respiratory conditions
•Perform an electrocardiogram tracing to check for heart abnormalities

MedWand is portable, affordable, and can be used anywhere in the world over secure Internet lines. For many ailments, parents are able to have their children examined from wherever they are with doctors they trust.