Nutribaby Food Processor


Babymoov’s award-winning Nutribaby Food Processor is the first food processor to cook true cuisine for baby. It accomplishes this by giving parents the ability to cook different ingredients, each at its optimal cooking time, at the same time. With the Nutribaby’s two cooking baskets, parents simply start with the foods that need to cook the longest then add the other ingredients to the second basket once their correct cooking time is left in the cycle. Cooking time with the Nutribaby is controlled by minute, not water level. Parents simply fill the reservoir and set the cook time with the Nutribaby’s intuitive LCD screen. Cooking foods separately and for the correct amount of time ensures that baby benefits from all of the foods’ natural vitamins and flavors. The juice tray at the bottom of the steaming unit collects the nutrient-rich water for blending. The Nutribaby’s detachable blending unit with thumb-operated blending allows parents to control the meal’s consistency. The Nutribaby’s large capacity (6 .25 cups cooking and 2 .5 cups blending) makes it ideal for cooking for several days or for feeding several babies at the same time.

To help make it easier for parents to introduce their infants and toddlers to a wide array of flavors and textures, Babymoov launched Cooking Baby Food, a mobile application specifically dedicated to baby food. Featuring more than 100 recipes and 50 files with useful tips, the iOS and Android App can be searched by ingredient or by age and even offers specific recipes for expecting and breastfeeding moms.

The only food processor that can be used from birth, the five-in-one Nutribaby Food Process also warm and sterilize bottles.