Knock-Knock! Who’s There?


Knock-knock! Who’s There? is a personalized family photo book for you and your child to read together. It’s an interactive app book–not just interactive with the screen, but created to engage you and your child playfully with each other!

It’s based on the idea that back-and-forth play between parents and children really matters for your child’s development–it’s important in shaping who your baby will become.

In Knock-Knock! you simply add your own photos to the houses on the pages. Then you and your child can enjoy the touch, sounds, movement, textures, shapes and colors as you read together and knock on the doors of the houses to see who’s there.

It is designed to surprise and delight your child as they see people they know appear from behind the door in each different home. We hope you will share the excitement as you name familiar people, talk about the connections, and see how your child may be like family members and friends.

And most of all, Knock-Knock! will offer your child the experience of relating, spontaneously, in the moment–in Two Way Play–with a very important and influential person in their life: you!

We hope you and your child enjoy one another as you read and play Knock-Knock! together!