My Baby Gym


Having a hard time with your baby’s Tummy Time practice?
MyBabyGym tablet app turns baby’s Tummy Time practice into an enjoyable and rewarding activity and enables parents to track their baby’s progress.
MyBabyGym uses computer vision to understand what the baby is doing. It then interactively adjusts animation, audio and verbal feedback to the baby’s head and gaze positions and motivates the baby to lift its head and strengthening his neck and back muscles. When the app understand that the baby is having difficulty with practicing, it changes the stimulation and feedback in order to re-engage the baby and encourage him to continue the training.
Training session is limited to five minutes. Young babies will start with 1-2 minutes’ session and will continue gradually to a full five minutes’ session. When a session ends, parents can review the analyzed session data and track their baby’s progress, just like FitBit. The app also includes training tips, notifications and also saves videos and pictures of the sessions, allowing parents to easily share their baby’s success with family and friends .
MyBabyGym includes content that was specially designed for the age group and task. It turns a challenging activity into a fan activity helping strengthening the parent-baby bonding. And the ability to track the baby’s progress increase parent’s involvement and assist them in maintaining a daily exercise routine until tummy-time becomes their baby’s preferred position.
We also develop an additional tele-health platform for health professionals. This platform uses the data we gather in the sessions in order to improve pediatric physical therapy treatment effectiveness and pre-screen various medical conditions.