OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor


OvaCue Mobile is an accurate, convenient, and effective fertility monitor that connects directly to your smartphone/tablet. Using the same patented, proven technology as the traditional OvaCue Fertility Monitor, OvaCue Mobile predicts ovulation up to seven days in advance – allowing you to time intercourse during your fertile window and increase your chances of conceiving in every cycle.

OvaCue Mobile is a monitor that measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. Unlike urine-based fertility monitors that require messy (not to mention costly and bad for the environment) urine testing, OvaCue Mobile uses the patented Electrolyte Method to predict PLUS confirm ovulation. OvaCue Mobile consists of an adapter, a saliva sensor, and a cervical mucus sensor. The mobile adapter plugs directly into your mobile device*, and the oral and vaginal sensors plug into the adapter. OvaCue Mobile works in conjunction with the OvaGraph mobile app, a FREE download from your App Store.

With your purchase of OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor, you will also receive free, unlimited access to OvaGraph, the official charting tool of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You will be able to view all the same data no matter whether you are on desktop/laptop, tablet or smart phone.

It often comes as a surprise to our customers, but OvaCue Specialists at Fairhaven Health will assist you with interpretation of OvaCue readings, whenever necessary. And the vibrant OvaGraph community is always ready to assist and sprinkle you with baby dust!

Every woman is unique but you are not alone in your journey to pregnancy.