<ThermoSafer : Thermometer + Safer>

ThermoSafer was designed to keep a baby’s health safe, especially when the baby is sick at a night-time. Supported by a powerful Bluetooth wireless technology, it helps parents to monitor a baby’s body temperature easily using their Smartphone.

– Real time body temperature monitoring
– Alarming for an abnormal body
– Temperature measurement history with graph
– Hypo-allergenic silicon patch
– Operating distance (Max 15m)
– The first & sole certified thermometer as a medical device in Korea.
ThermoSafer is a smart body temperature monitoring thermometer.
It is designed to help parents when a baby is sick at a night-time.
If the baby reaches an abnormal temperature, it triggers an alarm.
It also record and save the data as a graph, so it can share with a doctor for the better diagnosis and the treatment.
With Bluetooth wireless technology, it has 15m of excellent operation distance. Among many other monitoring thermometers, ThermoSafer is a sole product that obtained Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) from Korean Food and Drugs Administration(KFDA), so it is authorized as medical appliance