Nod: Baby Sleep Coach


As parents work to establish the habits and routines critical to the healthy development of their children, especially those under 36 months old, they have few options when it comes to solving sleep-related issues. They can read a book written years ago that supplies general information about sleep issues; they can check in on forums that may not be moderated or regulated to ensure healthy advice; or they can engage a sleep coach, which for many parents is beyond their financial means (typically $300/hour), and these coaches are also likely not trained in a clinical setting.

Nod seeks to solve these pain points by giving parents clinically-validated sleep training techniques in the palm of their hand, in the form of an Android or iOS app, that supplies real-time recommendations specifically tailored to the activity, routines, and habits of their baby.

In Nod, parents set up their baby’s nap and bedtime schedules, track their baby’s sleeping and feeding activity, and receive personalized recommendations about how to improve naptime and bedtime sleep, how to help the baby fall asleep independently, how to sleep longer each night, and how to wean the baby from needing outside elements – a pacifier, a swaddle, music, etc – in order to achieve healthy sleep. The app gives parents AI-driven recommendations about what to do each day and night, how to do them, and when to start and stop the tasks – a recipe for healthy, successful sleep, backed by the world’s leading pediatric sleep specialists.