BETO Sleep Coach


BETO Sleep Coach is the first IoT baby sleep trainer based on artificial intelligence.

BETO Sleep Coach will analyze your baby’s day and suggest customized daily time tables like when you should feed, how much you should feed, when baby should sleep, when baby should wake up and etc. only for your baby. Also, it will let you know how to soothe & play your baby as well.

A customer needs to input their own baby’s day about feeding, sleeping and stool through the BETO Sleep Coach device. All data will be saved in to a server and the BETO Sleep Coach application will analyze your baby’s day based on baby’s weight, age, gender and your data. It will analyze your data like a baby sleep consultant and provide right time to feed and right time to sleep to make sustainable daily routine for better sleep of you and your baby.

If a customer follows all programs of BETO Sleep Coach, it will help to stretch feeding interval of a baby step by step. Between those feeding terms, the baby can take sleep and parents can take rest. This is the basic principle of BETO sleep Coach.

‘BETO Sleep Coach’ coaches babies to sleep through the night. It is similar to use or do a personal trainer; Parents can learn to teach their babies to sleep through the night on their own, and it become a lot easier if parents have someone design a program for you to follow and encourage you along with way. BETO Sleep Coach will give you a step-by-step program on how to train your babies to sleep through the night.