Germs are a fact of life. Some bacteria are actually beneficial to us. But for dangerous, illness-causing, and potentially life-threatening bacteria and viruses—there’s Ellie with patented TRUVIOLET™ technology. Its digital UV light kills germs in a matter of seconds, eradicating E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and Listeria, plus antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as MRSA. It’s the most powerful, portable solution for sterilizing bottles, pacifiers and anything babies put in their mouths.

Ellie’s proprietary UV-C LED technology allows us to use semiconductor technology to bring disinfection and sterilization to the digital age. The UV LEDs offer long life, no mercury, and no lead. They are the smallest and most robust way to deliver the germicidal benefits of ultraviolet light. TRUVIOLET technology makes it truly safe for the light to be used at home as well as in professional settings and it eliminates the use of mercury that is better for the environment and people alike.

Ellie was designed to be as easy to use on the road as at home. It’s smooth, comfortable finish lets it fit comfortably in a baby bag along with other supplies. About the size of a hardback book, It’s lightweight and has a handle so it’s easy to grasp, and its single button operation makes simple to start, even with a baby in one or both arms. The UV LEDs inside were selected specifically for their ability to kill germs. Inside the sterilizing pod the material is reflective and optically designed to make sure that the light from the UVC LEDs gets to all exposed surfaces that are placed inside Ellie. Its batteries will last a week, and it has a micro-USB port for easy recharging. The case itself is BPA-free, non-toxic plastic so it’s as safe outside as inside.