Eveline Smart Fertility System


Eveline Smart Fertility System is an innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution that works easily with the smartphone to pinpoint a woman’s prime ovulation dates.

Our patented technology uses the front-facing smartphone camera and light to measure changes in color of ovulation test strips and analyze with the proprietary algorithm.

With our easy, discreet clip-on attachment for all smartphone to hold test strips in front of your camera, the Eveline app can:
• Analyze the test strip and display the LH profile in three levels (low/high/peak) with 99% accuracy.
• Automatically record the results in the smartphone without manually transferring your test results.
• Predict upcoming fertile days with the smart algorithms.
• Remind users to perform the tests during fertile days.
• Share the results with your partner.

Eveline Smart Fertility System has been registered with FDA and CE, and has recently been available in Amazon.