Evoz Vision WiFi Baby Monitor


Evoz Vision Baby Monitor was built with parents in mind. You’ll never miss another moment.

This powerful monitor and parenting app work seamlessly to help you be there when your child needs you most. Our smart, patented alert technology distinguishing baby cries from other household and nursery noises with our patented cry detection algorithms. Evoz’s cry detection feature will automatically send you a baby cry alert with an SMS, email, or push notification.

Evoz Vision connects securely and wirelessly via WiFi to iOS (9+) and Android (4.1+) devices, letting you watch over and soothe your baby with build in lullabies or 2-way talk from virtually any location.

Our Evoz Baby app also contains tailored parenting and sleep advice based on your child’s age.Conveniently access these helpful parenting videos, tips, sample sleep schedules and milestones from baby expert Kim West LCWS-C, The Sleep Lady® directly from your mobile device.

Give your baby the best love and care possible while giving yourself peace of mind – with the Evoz Vision WiFi Baby Monitor.