Owlet Connected Care


Owlet revolutionized infant care when we gave parents real-time access to heart rate and oxygen levels in the home with the Owlet Smart Sock.

Connected Care by Owlet now allows parents to see even more. Connected Care is an additional app that gives parents the ability to analyze new and more detailed information collected from the Owlet Smart Sock. This supplemental app includes historical heart rate and oxygen levels, Base Station notifications, with detailed red notification reports, and insights into sleep behavior, including total hours slept and a breakdown of light versus deep sleep.

Never before have parents had so much information to take a proactive role in their baby’s health.

From day one, our mission at Owlet has been to revolutionize the way we care for infants, and that starts with understanding their overall health. The Connected Care platform is getting us even closer to that goal by giving parents a more complete picture.

Connected Care is available on iOS, and can be purchased in a monthly or annual subscription. Learn more at owletcare.com/connected-care.