Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor (FNF59)


•A smart wearable baby monitor that creates a customized profile for baby
•The wearable and Fisher‐Price Sproutling app work seamlessly together to tell parents when baby is likely to wake up, saving parents time, and monitor a sleeping baby, giving parents piece of mind even while they sleep
•The ankle wearable monitors a sleeping baby’s heartbeat, sleeping position, and motion, and is covered with soft materials for baby’s comfort.
•The Smart Charger functions as multiple devices in one, collecting information from the wearable, serving as a nightlight and sound machine, and charging the band.
•Using the app, parents can review their baby’s custom sleep report from each night and nap, customize their alerts and experience, and easily add (and remove) other caregivers to the Sproutling system.
•Wearable works for 16 hours on a single charge, fully recharges from zero in 3 hours
•App available or download on Apple and Google Play for free
•Includes wearable sensor, Smart Charger, 2 bands (small and medium), power cord and plug