BlueSmart mia is a Smart Bottle Feeding System that tracks and analyzes your baby’s intake and consumption patterns to give parents, grandparents, and caretakers the technology to make bottle feeding smart. The safe and colorful silicone sleeve is placed on the bottom of most baby bottles, and with the help of Wi-Fi, will transmit information regarding a baby’s feeding data including feeding amount, temperature, duration, and angle to be analyzed in the accompanying free app. That information is then able to be shared with grandparents, caretakers, and even exported and emailed to your pediatrician. BlueSmart mia also has indicators on the silicone smart sleeve that guide each feeding, such as temperature alerts for whether the milk is too hot or cold, angle alerts for optimal feeding, feeding reminders, expiration warnings for if you’ve left the breastmilk or formula out too long, and more.


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