eatsl Baby Eats

Devices for mom, dad and baby that ensure the nutrition your baby needs is safely and easily prepared, presented and stored. Products may include: lactation assistance, allergy monitors, food storage and preparation, smart bottles and sterilizers.

learnplay Baby Learn & Play

I wish I had thought of that! Exciting interactive devices or products that help children in reaching important developmental milestones and bring out the kid in everyone. Products may include: toys, learning-based gadgets, mobility toys,  potty training. Toys accepted are for kids under two years of age.

onthego Baby Safety

Innovative gadgets and gear for making sure babies grow up in a safe environment. Products may include: baby monitors, baby proofing, smart strollers and car seats, room temperature monitors or home products with a focus on safety.

fertility1 Fertility & Pregnancy Help

Product or technology that assists women in getting pregnant and achieving a healthy pregnancy. Products may include: fertility testing devices, pregnancy testing, in utero tracking devices.*

healthy Healthy Baby

Cutting-edge technology that takes the guesswork out of raising healthy babies. Products may include: smart thermometers, telemedicine resources, smart clothing, connected toothbrushes.

*PLEASE NOTE:   Standalone apps will not be accepted in any category.