Kindara is a hardware + software fertility platform founded in 2010 that has had over 1.5 million lifetime downloads and has helped over 150, 000 couples conceive. Kindara is used by women interested in managing their fertility goals using Fertility Awareness Based Methods. Additional uses include women who wish to learn more about their health or simply track their cycles. Prima-Temp acquired Kindara in August 2018 to expand their fertility product offering.

Kindara’s fertility app pairs with Wink by Kindara, a Bluetooth-connected thermometer that helps seamlessly track fertility data with greater ease and accuracy. The app, in addition to being a comprehensive fertility charting tool, is also a popular and robust social platform and community where women message and create groups to share information with each other, or practitioners, to discuss their fertility goals and charts.

Our mission is to offer women the tools, knowledge and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals.