Ava is a wearable medical device in the form of a comfortable bracelet that helps women track their monthly cycle, fertility, or pregnancy. Worn only at night while sleeping, the Ava bracelet measures key physiological parameters to detect signals in the user’s body to recognize when she is entering her fertile window in real time. Physiological parameters are charted in the app so the user can see patterns and changes throughout her cycle. Ava provides fertile window and ovulation predictions based on the user’s physiological data, giving her more fertile days than other methods, and more personal physiological information than other apps. There are only six days per month when it’s possible to conceive, and Ava has been clinically proven via five clinical researches at the University of Zurich to recognize 5.3 of these days with 89% accuracy.

Ava 2.0 is the improved version of Ava’s clinically proven fertility tracking bracelet. It comes with a sleeker strap, optimized sensor pod for better performance and comfort, and a vibrating alarm.

Since launching to consumers in July 2018, Ava has confirmed more than 1,000 babies and 10,000 pregnancies among Ava users around the world.

The Ava bracelet gives women effortless insight about their cycle, their fertility, pregnancy, and overall health.

Using the Ava bracelet doubles a woman’s chances of conceiving per cycle.