iFertracker is a wearable fertility tracker that helps women track their cycle more accurately and conveniently than ever. The iFertracker app and device take the age-old method of Basal Body Temperature tracking into the 21st century by gathering continuous core temperature while you sleep. Each morning when you wake up, you simply upload the previous night’s data via Bluetooth and our algorithm filters out events that have a thermal impact on your BBT. For women struggling with conception or looking for a better way to keep track of their cycle, accuracy is of the utmost importance. iFertracker addresses this challenge head-on and provides you with a comprehensive fertility chart that notifies you of your fertile window and ovulation day in advance. The idea was not to reinvent the wheel with iFertracker, but rather make some design changes to a historically proven method that had flaws with regards to data collection and visualization. Traditional methods of BBT tracking do not gather your actual Basal Body Temperature, they get what is referred to as “waking temperature” and only gather one data point per day. This requires a strict sleeping schedule and manual data entry each morning, whereas the iFertracker automates this process and gets your temperature at your actual most restful state. What does that mean for our users? Go ahead and sleep in! Get that glass of water at 3am, snuggle your significant other as soon as you wake up, all without the worry of ruining your fertility chart!