Part baby monitor, part baby translator, part sleep guru.

Introducing Nanit Plus, the most advanced nursery camera, ever. The Nanit Plus is the only monitor to put your baby’s sleep development in your hands. The solution starts with a super-powered HD camera that can detect motion down to the pixel level. Nanit uses that data to track and understand your baby’s sleep – how long your baby slept, how many times they woke up when they fell asleep, and even how many times you interacted with the baby. That information is processed into actionable insights, via a nightly Sleep Score. Parents receive time-lapsed Day and Night summaries so they can see their baby’s entire day in less than a minute. In addition to saved video history and sleep analytics, Nanit offers an unparalleled bird’s eye view, stunning HD live views, smart cable management, a built-in nightlight, and sensors to measure temperature and humidity.

Parents are kept in the loop with real-time sound and motion notifications, plus background audio that works even when you’re using other apps or the phone screen is turned off. Plus, parents can use two-way audio to speak or sing to their little ones, and Nature Sounds feature can help soothe a fussy baby to sleep.

Nanit keeps the entire parenting team in the loop so that the whole family gets more sleep. And with the new User Permissions feature, you can adjust the level of access each person has.