Up to 70% of infants born prematurely and 10% of infants born full term have trouble transitioning to breast or bottle feeding on their own. Troubles with feeding can result in significant health problems for the infant such as apnea (infant stops breathing) and bradycardia (infant’s heart rate becomes abnormally slow) even extending to the parents who regularly exhibit PTSD symptoms. Yet, preterm oral feeding, in general, has been understudied and underserved resulting in limited evidence-based practice guidelines and clinical teams that work in silos.

nfant Feeding Solution is the first internet of thing FDA cleared medical device for the NICU.

Consisting of a small handheld sensor, a coupling (that connects the sensor to the bottle), and a mobile app nfant Feeding Solution transforms any standard bottle into a smart bottle. Clinicians are provided with objective, actionable data, displayed in real time on feeding readiness and the impact of each intervention. This information is used to refine treatment plans as well as educate caregivers on feeding recommendations.

The data is sent to nfant Analytics, a HIPAA and HITECH compliant web portal where key feeding metrics are displayed relative to previous feedings and other infants. Leveraging advances in machine learning and predictive analytics, measures are analyzed and results relayed to the healthcare team. These teams are then able to coordinate daily feeding treatments, determine the most at-risk infants for resource allocation and track progress through discharge.

As the nfant Patient Database grows, nfant Analytics will offer insights into feeding issue diagnosis and treatment that otherwise would not be possible.