Pearl, Powered by Proov, the easiest and most complete fertility tracking solution to date and works by tracking your hormones to not only predict ovulation, but also confirm it.

Pearl works by turning your iPhone into a powerful fertility tracker by monitoring your hormones daily and accurately predicting fertility. Pearl is the ONLY system to measure 3 fertility hormones, giving you a more complete understanding of your cycle.

Hormones Measured:
Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels are high in the beginning of the cycle and decrease once a follicle is selected and starts to develop. Pearl can measure the decrease in FSH levels and uses this information to open your fertile window.
Luteinizing Hormone (LH). A follicle typically takes several days to mature. Once the follicle is ready, a surge of LH is released and ruptures the follicle, releasing the mature egg inside (ovulation). Pearl can measure changes in LH levels and uses a surge in LH to predict ovulation.
PDG – Progesterone is produced from a follicle after it ruptures and releases an egg (Ovulation). An LH surge doesn’t always result in ovulation. Therefore, to confirm ovulation has indeed occurred, Pearl can track increases in the urine metabolite of progesterone (PDG) to confirm ovulation.
Pearl tracks FSH, LH, and PDG levels throughout your cycle to accurately predict and confirm ovulation.

Pearl is simple

1. Download the iOS app
2. Collect first morning urine
3. The Pearl app directs you on which tests to complete that day
4. Complete the hormone test(s).
5. Take a picture of the test(s)
6. Pearl uses your data to accurately predict your daily fertility status.
7. Repeat 2-6 daily
8. At the end of your cycle, Pearl sends your hormonal profile to you.

Pearl is FDA-registered and can be purchased on our website and Amazon.