raybaby is an incredibly intelligent and reliable baby sleep and breathing monitor, that uses radar technology and artificial intelligence. It packs an amazing set of features; it alerts you to your baby’s breathing and sleep changes that need immediate attention. raybaby works from up to 5ft away from the baby and can track sub-mm variations in breathing, even in the dark, and when the baby is swaddled!

Built on an unparalleled AI platform, raybaby is intuitive and molded to your baby’s sleep pattern and respiration.
It comes with a powerful algorithm that keeps you up-to-date on your baby’s sleep requirements, and even offers
recommendations on how their development can be optimized.

RIoT Solutions was started by Ranjana Nair, Aardra Kannan Ambili and Sanchi Poovaya, qualified babysitters, passionate dreamers, and experienced engineers (ex-Cornell, ex-University of Georgia, ex-Microsoft).

With a cumulative experience of over 30 years in industry and research, developing cutting edge AI-powered healthcare systems, we build the things we believe should exist.

Our inspiration for raybaby was watching a friend’s baby, who was born prematurely. He needed to be constantly monitored and consequently had several wires taped to him. It was just a distressing sight and we felt there had to be tech that would make it safer and less invasive for him.

And so, raybaby was born. With this, we’ve worked hard to create a baby monitor that’s better than the rest, in design, accuracy and functionality.

supported by HAX as part of the consumer health device program, raybaby was launched in AMAZON and FSA Stores in October, 2018. We are looking at launching in retail stores in 2019