Willow is the world’s first all-in-one wearable breast pump that fits inside a bra. Mobile, discreet, spill-proof and hands-free, Willow allows women to achieve their breastfeeding goals without pressing pause on life. With no cords, external tubes, dangling bottles or fears of spilled milk, Willow is the only wearable breast pump with limitless mobility. Thanks to Willow’s proprietary technology, women can move in virtually any position while pumping. They can lie down for a much-needed rest, bend over to pick up their baby, reach up to grab a glass from the top shelf and so much more – all while pumping with Willow.

The Willow Wearable Breast Pump offers unprecedented convenience and ability to pump on the go. Willow is so quiet, you can pump while in a meeting, talking with a friend, or running errands. No fear of milk spills from beginning to end – pump and move as you wish then remove the spill-proof Milk Bag and toss it in the fridge, freezer or your bag. Our Milk Bags have a one-way valve that lets milk in, never out. Willow has just four parts to put together and two to clean (dishwasher safe!) – there are no small parts and long tubes to clean or fiddle with. Plus, Willow is connected to a free smartphone app that automatically displays a woman’s milk volume in real time, records her pumping history, and provides tips along the way.

Over the past 10 months since Willow’s official release from beta testing, there has already been an overwhelming response from the market; with women sending heartfelt, personal stories of motherhood heroism and how Willow has been a game changer for them.