Zooby Wifi Car and Home Baby Monitor is truly portable and the only baby monitor that is certified crash tested. Zooby connects directly from your smart device with no internet. There is no technical and frustrating router set up, or having to deal with short range connection issues that are often the case with Bluetooth monitors. With a range of up to 600 ft. (and 1000 ft. unobstructed) and with the capability to mount. Zooby connects up to as many as four smart devices simultaneously with our free, secure, password authenticated (Android/iTunes) app that prohibits intruders from hacking your privacy. The full HD 720 DPI image camera is housed inside Zooby and has night vision. When not in use in the car, Zooby can capture images and recordings to save sweet memories. Our patented Bendi-neck technology allows the camera to position and hold at the perfect angle to focus on baby’s face, whether baby is rear or forward facing in their car seat, without having to turn around and cause an auto accident. Other features include: two-way audio with a quality built-in speaker and microphone; three preset soothing lullabies that allows loop play; and comes with smartphone car mount, car charging adapter, wall charging adapter, and 8-ft. charging cable. Zooby is available in four adorable plush designs: Jordan Giraffe, Diego Dinosaur, Emma Unicorn, and Zachary Zebra. Zooby brings parents peace of mind while they’re traveling, or at home, and on the go because baby is always in view.