Meet Percept. No bands, bracelets, patches, sticks, saliva tests, interpreting data, weird-looking thermometers, remembering to pee, remembering to track, calculating, analyzing. Because when it comes to fertility tracking, it should be seamless.

Understanding your body is key to being in control of your fertility and conceiving faster. EarlySense Percept is an under-mattress, clinically-proven fertility tracker that accurately pinpoints your dates of ovulation, fertility window, and period by seamlessly monitoring physiological signals including heart rate and breathing.

There’s nothing to wear and no tasks to remember. Simply let the Percept sensor detect your body’s natural, physical signals using clinically-proven technology. Percept’s artificial intelligence technology has been proven to accurately predict a woman’s ovulation date when compared to gold standard methods in a clinical study. Whereas most period tracking apps are based solely on your cycle history, Percept monitors your body’s most subtle signals in real time, such as heart rate and breathing, to forecast your fertility window and aid in conception.

EarlySense Percept is listed with the FDA and is available for purchase on the EarlySense website or on Amazon.

PRICE: $199

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