The Baby Tech Showcase is proud to present the third annual Best of Baby Tech Awards to recognize and highlight individuals and companies tackling problems and providing solutions for the smallest of humans and their parents. As part the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the highest-profile conferences in the world, these awards will play a large role in helping recognize significant developments in mom, dad, and baby care while shining a spotlight on this fast-growing segment of technology innovation.

Select 2018 Application on our homepage and fill out the online application form.
  • You must be 21 or older to apply.
  • Your product/entry must be on the market or available to the public by Q2 2018. If your entry/nomination is an app, you will be required to provide a free app download code for our judges. If you have a product you must submit a working product. Product submissions must include a completed online application and products should be sent to The Best of Baby Tech Awards, 84 Heather Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94118.
  • No stand alone apps will be accepted.
  • While not required, CES attendance is highly recommended.
  • Important note for Medical Device applicant’s: Medical innovations requiring FDA approval in the U.S. (or the equivalent in other countries) should have received such approval before submitting your product for consideration. We will not consider innovations that are still in clinical trials because the eventual outcome of the trials is unknown.
  • Product must have some type of technology component to be a valid entry.
  • For any additional fine print, please access the legal document here.
You must submit your entry or nomination by November 21, 2017 at 8:00pm EST, 8:00pm EST
No, you can only apply each product to one category.
Yes, as long as the products are different. You can submit a maximum of six entries.
Apps will be accepted in every category EXCEPT if focused on:

  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting Content
  • Tracking, Calendar and Registry Tools

The only exception to the above will be if your app is used in conjunction with a physical hardware device.

 We welcome last year’s applicants to apply IF their products have been significantly updated from their 2017 entry.
We welcome last year’s applicants, finalists and winners to apply again!  

Our panel of expert judges will select three finalists from each of the five categories based on the following criteria:

    • Innovation: Does the technology break new ground in its respective field or go beyond minimal improvement on something that already exists?
    • Impact: Has the technology made a significant impact in people’s lives? Is it improving their overall lifestyle, health or well-being? Is it measurable?
    • Implementation: Has the technology implemented been well executed? Did they consider appropriate form factor, user experience, capability, aesthetic design, engagement, long-term use, etc.
    • Individuality: What differentiates the technology in the fertility, pregnancy and baby market? How is it unique and/or superior?
The top three finalists from each category will be chosen and announced on November 28, 2017. The fifteen finalists are invited to the Baby Tech Showcase at CES January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. These top three finalists from each category are not required to be present, however it is highly recommended that you attend. It is a huge opportunity to showcase in front of thousands of interested parties. A press release announcing the winners will go out the moment the show has ended.
Our voting system uses unique IP addresses to count votes in an effort to prevent cheating or tampering with the total vote counts. We’ve tried cookie-based voting before, but we ran into issues where the same IP would flood dozens or hundreds of votes in a very short time using an obviously different method than expected standard voting in a browser. Users can also clear their cookies and vote an unlimited number of times in that environment.

Another alternative to IP-based voting would be a system where voters are required to log in, thereby guaranteeing one vote per entry per registered user. Since that’s less than ideal from a user experience perspective we settled on one vote per IP. This system allows us to protect against users flooding the system with hundreds of votes for a single entry.

This is our solution to make sure the playing field is level and ensure a fair competition.If there are multiple people with the same IP addresses wishing to vote for the same finalist, it’s best to then vote from your mobile phone or a home computer.

The finalists will be announced on December 4, 2017 on our website. In addition, the fifteen finalists will be notified via email or phone.
Online audience voting will begin on December 4, 2017, and will remain open until January 2, 2018, 8:00pm EST
One winner from each category will be selected through a combination of expert judges and online votes. There will be an additional Audience Favorite award given to one of the eighteen finalists that will be solely selected by our online voters.
One winner will be chosen for each of the five categories. There will be an additional Audience Favorite award given to one of the fifteen finalists that will be chosen by our online voters.
In addition to the category winners, one finalist will receive the Audience Favorite award chosen by our online voters.
The Audience Favorite award winner is chosen exclusively by our online voters.
The winner will be announced live at a special event during CES’ Baby Tech Showcase at 3:30pm PST on January 9, 2018. Baby Tech Showcase is held at CES’ Tech West in Las Vegas, Nevada.