Kaishi is a fetal heart-rate monitor for pregnant women that connects via BLE to a smartphone app. It allows expecting families to listen to their babies’ heartbeat on their phone, record it and share it over social media. Kaishi was designed in California but its launch market is in China – so the app is only available in mandarin today, and links to the primary Chinese social networks (wechat, weibo). Kaishi’s innovative acoustic filtering technology, developed in conjunction with the UCLA Center for Wireless Health, filters out all “noise” including the mother’s heartbeat, digestive sounds and other abdominal sounds. Kaishi previously won two prestigious Spark awards.

The Kaishi app also provides highly valuable content to users, including the largest nutritional database in China – providing recommendations on what women should eat based upon the dietary requirements for their stage of gestation. The app also provides access for Chinese expectant families to learn about international high-quality consumer products, which are in high demand by expectant Chinese families.


PRICE: $75
ONLINE OR APP STORE: http://www.mykaishi.com

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