The Owlet Baby Monitor is the first smart baby monitor that uses hospital technology pulse oximetry (you probably know it as the red light they clip on your finger at the hospital)—to alert parents if their baby stops breathing or heart rate drops or goes too high. Owlet has miniaturized the pulse oximeter into a baby booty that connects to a Base Station via Bluetooth 4.0. The Base Station also sends alerts via WiFi to parents’ smartphones, so you can check on your baby from down the hall, across town or around the world. The Owlet Baby Monitor is a game changer for parents, doctors and the medical community.

In our short time on the market, we already have several documented cases where the Owlet Monitor alerted parents when a baby stopped breathing, allowing quick intervention. Owlet conducted accuracy testing that shows it is on-par with pulse oximeters used in hospitals and will be filing for FDA clearance to create a medical version of the monitor. With the Owlet Baby Monitor, as well as the data it collects, we are going to change the world by revolutionizing how we care for our infants from the day we leave the hospital.