Wordle is the world’s first platform that enables parents to monitor the learning environment of a baby.

Wordle consists of two parts – a baby-safe, no-screen and waterproof device and a Smart Parenting Coach app that uses machine learning to recommend parents personalised, evidence-based tips that are best for each unique baby.

At the heart of Wordle is the Learn-O-Meter. It’s a simple score that monitors key indicators of baby’s brain development in the first years, like the number of words, conversations, languages heard and positive to negative words that baby hears.

Based on the Learn-O-Meter score, parents receive actionable activity, event and product recommendations to help them effectively support their baby’s growth and impact not only their cognitive but also socio-emotional development.

Wordle launches in early Spring 2018 and the Wordle App is currently open for testing in Beta. Visit www.oyalabs.com to join the closed group of Early Parent Testers!

PRICERetail: 199 USD. At cost for NGOs and Non-profits

ONLINE OR APP STORE: https://www.oyalabs.com

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